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Compare Campaigns

Compare Campaigns

Compare the performances of your campaigns to spot opportunities for growth and identify trends.

When launching different campaigns, tracking the post launch results will determine your next move. Let’s say you’ve launched a social media campaign and an email campaign. You’ll be able to see and compare which campaign gathered more customers to your business. If the email campaign had high click rates compared to low interactivity on the social media campaign, the comparison tells you that executing another email campaign would be highly successful.

Compare Tools

Compare Tools

Optimize Your Online Marketing Campaigns

Understand your customers communicational preferences by analyzing the performance of your tools within a campaign based on your contact groups. You will find some tools were more effective (ROMI/Conversion/Sales) than other tools for different contact groups (demographics).

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1 campaign, 1 theme.

Brand consistency

Brand consistency

Communicate your brand’s personality through a unified message.

The text, images and content you communicate to your customer's needs to reflect your brand’s attitude. This will lead to cohesive branding, and solidifying your business's message.

Drag & Drop HTML Editor

Design attractive and eye-catching templates.

The drag and drop editor is a feature we at Omevo are very enthusiastic about. It’s easy to use, and lets you drop content anywhere on a newsletter or a webpage. If you don’t like how it looks, simply drag the text or image to another area and watch your designs come to life.

Themes & Templates

Pick themes from our gallery and create your own templates.

The theme gallery has three layouts – an email marketing template, an event invitation template and a homepage template. Having attractive and consistent templates positions your marketing campaigns as more professional and evokes a strongly branded business.

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